Message from The Dragons


The winds of war have been stirred. Do not fear.
The seeds that had been planted must rise to the top to be plucked at the root.
This is not something that can be solved or resolved by the One.
This is not just an issue of the one United States.
It is and will be of concern for the Inter-Nations.
This is to have Inter-Nation impact. But, again, do not fear.
The entire structure of your planet is changing.
This is for the purpose of the Globalization of consciousness and unification of Inter-Nations, like your United Nations.
The seeing through of which will give you a greater perspective on how to solve, to resolve the Earth’s problems together as a Common-Unity rather than of one only concerned with each as its own entity.
So let the weeding out, the rooting out take place.
Let a rewiring of communication amongst you occur;
No longer from the top down – but from within, between and amongst.
From out of the ashes and from under the flood waters the New is being reborn.
Let all vows of silence and poverty now be besmirched, be relinquished.
Candle the hours with patience.
Care for the ignorant with Love.
And set your sights on the New horizon –
Yet still familiar and unrecognizable, it is approaching with undeniable speed.
This is your time to prepare to meet it.
You will be synching more with Sun cycles and the natural shifts as they come.
Stand with eyes, heart and hands open and prepare to receive.
We, as your Sacred Army, stand beside you and behind you, at the ready to support.
~ Message from The Dragons – Draco of the Warrior Battalion, 27th Layer of the 15th Dimension


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