Message from The Dragons

On the intensity being experienced in this pivotal month of The Lion:


‘You make much of this thing called ‘Ascension.’  We want you to know it does not have to be as aggravated [chaotic] a process as all that is bespoken. 

It is your Divinity coming forth – which already exists. It IS You. 

It is your Humanity resolving its ego bits, however the Human is the color-filled beauty part of you All. 

Do not swear to absolve yourselves of all that was.  For that is to deny your true nature and the core of your human being – the core of your Humanity.  We honor that and wish to help you cultivate more of that core – in its entirety – into the purity of Spirit which resides within each one of you. 

The change and the challenge are equal.  See yourselves as we do.  See the core as necessary as a pit to the fruit’s blossoming into its juicy Wholeness and tender fullness of Self. 

Yes, the pit may be rough, tough, gritty and what you discard.  And yet, do remember, it is the very seed of the sweetness to come.’

~ The Dragons – with The Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons


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