Money and The ‘New’ 5D Prosperity

The Fifth Dimensional Shift from $$$ Goals to Heart and Soul as the Core of Society… and Humanity

MONEY! It has become the central focus and driving force in our individual lives and our global world. It has become a defining and determining factor in our level of power, success, status and sense of safety and security – individually and globally as well. Therefore, you’ve efforted, visualized, affirmed, healed your past (or so you thought) in order to attract more of it. So why, then, after all of that, are you – not to mention the planet as a whole – still struggling, perhaps now more than ever, for real, authentic, sustainable abundance? And why, after so much prosperity, has the world fallen into such chaos, fear and lack?

Raise the debt ceiling! No new spending! Cut Food Stamps? Shut down the Government? This time, have we finally gone mad!? What will it take to finally come together and compromise so we can all prosper? And what if it all suddenly disappeared? What if there was simply no more money!? It is clear that the further we chase money down the Ascension path and up into the new Fifth Dimensional frequencies, the further we veer off course and the more we lose ourselves. It is time to redefine our relationship to money. It is time to really know the one true Source of our abundance!

Join Hillary for one of her most popular and edge-cutting conversations as she explores why our ‘money mentality’ is not only slowing us down, but holding us back from fully anchoring into and thus receiving the gifts of our New World. Hillary will also share her vision of ‘The New Prosperity,’ giving us an exciting preview of the powerful financial shift to come, if and when we are ready, willing and able to finally let go of an outdated and failing system – based on a want for and worship of money – and instead simply embrace prosperity as a Divine right and a done deal!

So tune in to amp up your attitude of gratitude and make the connection between your money matters and what really matters!

Note: Though this show is an encore presentation, the information is still timely and very relevant.




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