Money and The New Prosperity

To Have MORE of Anything… Stop WANTING Everything!

Join Hillary for an edge-cutting conversation about why our money mentality is not only slowing us down, but holding us back from moving into the new vibration.  Hillary will share her vision of The New Prosperity and give us an exciting preview of the powerful shift to come when we let go of the old system – based on a want and worship of money – and instead simply embrace prosperity as a Divine right and a done deal!  A timely holiday topic!

So tune in to turn up your Abundance Amplitude!

And as the energies change with the wind, so it goes for Ascension 360º.  Hillary is launching a new website to provide more resources and information to support you on your journey.  But first she is being firmly guided to take a much needed rest, as well as find a new venue through which to share her messages that allows her more freedom and flexibility.  To stay informed and receive updates on when the next new show will air, stay tuned in – subscribe where it says Stay Tuned In in the box on the left!


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