Naked Humanity – The Veil Dissolves

Facing and Embracing the TRUTH of Who We Are, Why We Are Here and What is Unfolding in the Evolution of Our New World!

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Living in the Heart Wisdom Energies means living from and with the naked, bold, unvarnished Truth. Ah, but can you handle it? And the truth is that this Truth cannot be avoided and will always come to light no matter what. All you have to do is look out into the world to see how this is now playing out in some very powerful and poingnant ways. Moving beyond our illusions to see and embrace Truth can sometimes feel uncomfortable, scary, even downright impossible – however this, of course, depends upon your ability to understand what is really happening, both within and around you, and whether you are operating from Fear or Faith, Anger or Love.

Join Hillary for a provocative and eye-opening look at Truth and the key role it is playing at this pivotal point in our Ascension process and Fifth Dimensional development. Hillary will help us understand this continued and utter dissolving of what was left of the veil of illusion on topics such as: what is really going on in our world; the REALity you are choosing; the significant and necessary changes we will experience in the coming days, weeks and months as we make every effort to foster Unity Consciousness; and the Truth about You – do you know WHO you truly are and just what exactly is and is NOT your role and purpose on this crazy ride as we continue to expand our ‘being’ness, evolve Humanity and rebirth our planet?

So tune in to turn the light on… for the TRUTH will set you free!

Note: This show was a special encore presentation and was not broadcast live. Though some examples are not dateline current, the information is still extremely timely and profoundly relevant and, thus, Hillary very much wanted to share this topic and her message for the impact and assistance provided to listeners.

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