New Moon – Gateway of Fire

… The Heat Rises!

We are moving through a very significant Vibrational Gateway this weekend: May 19th – 21st.

Another significant influx of energies coming in and a powerful opportunity of integration for Change being offered up – aka letting go of old 3D ‘programming’ and the ‘choice’ (more like push!) to practice higher multi-dimensional ‘ways’ more consistently to root them in our daily existence.

Common symptoms you may be experiencing, or perhaps have been experiencing in preparation in the week or so prior, include – but are not limited to:

– Restless sleep and waking in the middle of the night
– A feeling of anxiety or ‘vibing’ high or buzzing in your body
– ‘Monkey Mind’ – racing thoughts, difficulty quieting the mind
– Extreme emotional highs and lows/mood swings/temper snaps – in fact, some are feeling that familiar
  feeling of ‘being done,’ having no purpose or wanting to leave the planet
– A revisiting of childhood wounds/old issues you thought you had ‘healed’
– Ravenous hunger and/or specific food cravings
– Sudden exhaustion and need to nap or sleep deeply
– Intense, vivid dreams – some include Dragons
– Headaches
– Vision deterioration
– Low back ache
– Neck and spine aches and stiffness
– And, overall, what may appear to be hormones going wild or ‘out of whack’ – i.e., cramping, menstrual
  cycles starting too early or lasting too long, night sweats, body temperature swings from hot to cold or
  just a sense of ‘being hot’

The information received about theses symptoms and how closely they mimicked hormonal imbalance indicated that this was a first and second Chakra recalibration. The first or Root Chakra being ‘our right to be here’ and the second or Sacral Chakra being our emotional and creation/procreation center.

As we are moving into full understanding of Who we are and needing to take our rightful place as Sovereign Beings in Common Unity, the Root Chakra must open, integrate and recalibrate our vibrational essence to align with this Truth.

As we come to know ourselves as Divine God-Source Beings, our Creation Power must also be understood – and accessible. Therefore the Sacral area where we physically understand our creative power as humans is being amplified with new and higher Frequencies as we assimilate the greater Wisdom of ourselves as not only the birthers of our species but Birthers/ReBirthers of a New and Higher Humanity, a New World and a Multidimensional Collective Consciousness spanning unprecedented layers and levels of existence.

~ Hillary Harris – Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons | New Reality Architect § Ascension Guide



This Gateway opens the doors to the Light of other portals and realms. It brings you into new spaces and expands consciousness beyond local star realms. Keep your Truth at hand.

The Gifts of Fire tumble through the sky to guide you and keep you clear. All reservation must be lost – left behind. This is your entry point. This is your Freedom bridge.

You will feel the pressure and the release. 

Do not let density drag you back. You are fine and moving forward. Your wings carry you on.

We stand beside you to lift and carry – not you but the falseness you have worn. This will reveal you underneath. This will allow you to carry your own weight, to cast your own shadow, resolving your ‘shadow of doubt.’

~ The Dragons

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