New Moon, New Symptoms

What a pain in the Neck!

The neck pain and stiffness is particularly relentless with this New Moon and next influx of Love Light Frequencies. Do you feel it? I am sensing this has to do first with the connection being made between the Third Eye – pituitary and pineal glands – and the Heart Chakra.

As the head is now connecting to the Heart, the pathway must be clear – and that pathway involves the neck and the throat – an area that is rife with all sorts of potential mischief – in the areas of communication, authenticity, receiving, expression, etc.

The Throat Chakra is also being attuned and cleared, and the neck and spine – along which all of this energy and information travel, are releasing and integrating all that has held us back – both in this lifetime as well as along ancient and ancestral or legacy lines.

In addition, many may notice, as I have, that you are unable to turn your head to the left. As I am freely able to turn my head and neck to the right, but not at all to the left as great pain and a stuck point asserts itself, I was given the message that this is because we are no longer to look to the past and ‘back’ in regret, ‘what ifs’ or for reference to ‘the old’. We are to keep our focus squarely in the Now present moment with an anticipation of the new and magnificent future that we are now creating. So the reference is only here and forward – thus our point of view must remain front and center and one step at a time into our building future.

All things of the past must go. Most importantly, our self perception. There is an area at the base of skull and in-between the region of the occipital bones that has to do with belief in our enslavement. The implant of energy there literally vibrates with this perception, holding it in place – the mass perception and collective agreement that we are not empowered beings in charge of our own destiny. As we are now being flooded with this high resonating Love frequency, this heavily bogged-down area is being jarred loose, expanding and clearing, freeing us, at long last, as these mis-perceptions and mis-creations are being integrated and lifted to make way for the Re-membrance of our true nature as Divine Master Creators, Sparks of the Infinite Oneness.

Each attunement phase is indeed ever more intense. The pain and discomfort, emotional swings and other symptoms can sometimes be beyond tough to take. The only way through is IN – finding a place of solace within you. Do not resist. Rather do your best to relax into what you are experiencing. Embrace and allow (it will ease and pass as these phases always do). Be kind to yourself and your body – Self Love is not negotiable anymore. Breathe, connect to your life force and do everything in your power to keep your own vibrational field clean, clear and high (in other words, stop getting pulled into ‘the crazy’ or the chaos of others or ‘out there’).

The way for you to continue to carry Light now is not to have to ignite it in others but rather to ensure that it not only remains lit strongly within you, in the face of whatever comes your way, but expands and emanates so intensely that anything else that is anything but simply transcends into Love.

What a ride!

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