New Moon Solar Eclipse

Message from The Dragons on The New Moon Solar Eclipse of August 2017:


The Ring of Fire holds many blessings for Humanity.

As your Planet moves through the Shadow of Time, let the brief darkness take your sorrow, your past, your hurts, your foibles and pass them through the Ring.

Let the shades of Truth in the shadow be seen – clearly.

Let the old pass to the New.

Let the Fire burn the Soul with the New imprint of Life.

Let the Star which has been the center of your Universe now open the way to shine awareness on the multitude of Stars that reside in your multidimensional Multi-verse.

And as the light turns to darkness, be still and one with the natural order as it falls into a nocturnal space.

This is your metaphor.

For just as your Star will return and all of the Elemental world will emerge from its short shadow journey and resume its rituals of the light, so shall your Planet.

Though none will be as before having passed through The Ring.


~ The Dragons – with The Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons



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