NEW SHOW: New Seeds, No More Weeds!

Navigating a Brand New World and a Brave New YOU!

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We have indeed been inhabiting a wildly new space. If you are sensitive to it, you can feel it. Even if you aren’t, you know something is different and everything has changed. There is a palpable, tangible presence to this new world, this higher frequency and extraordinary new energy that just permeates the air like a scent you can’t quite identify, but envelopes you nonetheless. And it is, without a doubt, proving to be a challenge – new environment, new rules, new tools needed – nothing of old remains – including us! In fact, nothing from the 3D world works any more in these new ‘Now’ energies.

We have talked a lot about what this new dimension would be like and how to navigate and function within it as new beings. But it is one thing to talk about it, another to actually walk it. And now that we are here, the walk for so many has proven to be quite a surprising, mysterious, often maddening, sometimes confusing, frustrating, even frightening, but truly glorious, wondrous and awe-inspiring trip!

Join Hillary LIVE for an off the grid update on her 5D journey – and some insight on yours too – as she shares her discoveries about the process of rebirthing herself and reinventing her work in the face of all that is new, as well as learning how to negotiate this incredible and unexpected new dimension – no map or GPS included… or necessary! Hillary will also introduce a very special resource that she has been asked to bring on to the planet at this time to support our journey in this uncharted territory, our evolutionary process, and the creating and prospering of the New World. You won’t want to miss this show!

So tune in for an upgrade to your internal and external compass.

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