New Year’s Message from The Dragons

Dragons do not ‘pass time’ as we do. They are timeless AND present based. However, they recognize the weight of this ‘Time’ for us and the intensity of emotions and deep divide our planet is now experiencing.

Thus they have shared a message with us as it is acknowledged that this ‘Time’ is and will be truly and particularly pivotal. (And I am always tickled by how they adore good word play – note the photo in this post! ? )

On passing into our New Year:

Do not drown your sorrow in the liquor of rancor.

Raise your Spirits instead with the Fire of fury that produces the passionate and beautiful art and music of your Souls.

That is to say, Humanity, this is the Time to breathe New Life and resplendence into your weary world.

And Now is the moment for your own and your Common-Unity HeARTful Creation.


~ The Dragons w/ The Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons

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