No Words … Just Love


My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and Dragon Family ~

All day today I have been trying to find some words, the right words, any words to share about the devastating and shocking events of the past week in the US. There are no words. Given how I take in and process information and vibration, I feel like I went into a kind of shock or protection mode and just needed to be still.

Yesterday’s violence had particular personal impact and importance so left me not only exhausted but further speechless. I needed to take a step back, rest and be gentle with myself so I could come back into my heart, somehow pick up the pieces of what is left of it and find a way to continue on assisting us all as we continue to navigate this breathtaking UPShift of Consciousness. (If you are hurting, I hope you will/can do the same for yourselves so you can join me.)

But here is what I can and will offer now: a beautiful Message from The Dragons that they shared with me (to come in a separate post) – they always come through in the most needed and intense times – AND from me, a huge {HUG} and high Frequency infusion of Love and Light support. So please open your arms and hearts and take it all in!

And here are a few words I have managed to pull together:

Remember, as the Collective Heart is broken, we must continue to be strong and stand together unified to help usher in the powerful and profound Light that is indeed coming onto the planet at this time.

As we come to Wholeness/healing, we must Know and trust that the mending will only make that Heart more unbreakable than ever before.



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