Our Dueling ‘Real’ities and the Demise of ‘Dual’ity!

The New Energies are HERE! … But Are You?

Does it seem like life, the energies, the weather and your emotions just got kicked up a notch… or TEN? Well, they did! Welcome to Fifth Dimensional frequencies and Heart-centered living! The New Vibration, the Higher Light has indeed arrived AND is incredibly, uncomfortably and simultaneously co-existing with the old. We are now straddling two dimensions, walking in and out of and between two worlds. It is as if we are wearing two coats, and, like layers of snakeskin, we are wriggling and writhing to shed ourselves from the one we have now outgrown. However, many are not willing to let go so easily, desperately hanging on to their well-worn and comfortable layers, their safe and familiar realities, while others attempt to boldly march forward into the new. So what skin are you in? What world are you walking?

Join Hillary for an exciting look at the massive new ground we have gained on our Ascension journey and the strange, often tense, even sometimes scary and confusing experience of bouncing between dimensions. She will discuss how these dueling ‘real’ities are kicking up our now failing relationship with ‘dual’ity, forcing us all to choose – division or Unity, entrenchment or expansion, agendas or progress, darkness or light – and ultimately how what appears to be chaos actually emerges as creation, or re-creation, when we simply shift our focus and cherish our ‘Being.’

So tune in for a catch-your-breath catch up on our catapulting forward of energies, consciousness and life as we know it!

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