Power-packed March Begins!


The next wave of BIG Energy rolls in on the New Moon and Solar Eclipse – March 8th – 9th. It brings with it those physical aches, pains, emotional highs and lows, vibrational adjustments and acclimatizing and all sorts of other intense and unexplainable symptoms. March will pack the biggest punch of 2016 yet and we will feel it in many ways.

So have you been feeling like, as the waves just keep barreling in, you can’t catch a break? Well, instead, catch the wave and ride it! Resistance only creates drag – on so many levels. So jump on and into the Now Moment and just embrace, allow and accept – all That Is… as It Is.

It can and will shift in due time, however any thoughts, feelings/ emotions, beliefs and vibration you hold that something is ‘wrong’ or ‘wrong with you’ or ‘should not be happening’ will only keep it stuck within you and around you and cause reverberation.

To let it go you must let it flow – that includes feeling what you need to feel and having the experiences you must have to expand. The difference being your perspective and state of ‘heart’ and mind you hold. And know, dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, that even as we ride on and through this next wave, all is more than well, we are now ever closer to fully embodying our Higher Human Divine Essence and embracing our Multidimensional Co-Creator selves.

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