Shaking It Out …

Bringing It In


The Full Moon Solar Eclipse (Mercury and Mars turned retrograde) of 8/1, Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8 and then New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on 8/11 has proven to be one of the more physically intense periods of energetic processing that I have experienced in a very long time. Many experienced a type of sickness that I call the ‘Ascension Flu.’  This particular string of events for me created some extreme symptoms in the form of: relentless inner body shaking or buzzing, extreme exhaustion, disrupted sleep patterns, a sore/strained throat, headache and sinus congestion due to deepened activation of the third eye, pituitary and pineal glands and throat Chakra, and a rather distressing ache in my joints with s terrible stiffness and throbbing pain in my neck, right arm and leg.

I sought assistance from The Dragons – who were all too happy to provide a relief giving Frequency Attunement. They also gave me an explanation, saying simply, ‘You are shaking out the Trauma.’  I then understood. I was integrating and relinquishing all the Trauma from the past – this life and past lives – my own as well as that of Humanity.  A BIG job – a LOT of shaking out.

I have studied this. With humans and animals alike, in a healthy integration process, if left to unfold properly, this kind of intense shaking is how the body naturally releases and comes back to homeostasis. 

We are a planet in deep breakdown and loss.  We are feeling more than ever before – no it is not always pretty how it is being expressed, but that is due to eons of time spent in suppression and avoidance around allowing all feelings and all feelings to be expressed in a healthy fashion.  We are grieving the endings and the shock of the clearings as we poise to begin anew. There was and is much shaking out to be done indeed!

I understood too that there was a secondary purpose for what was happening in my body. These particular symptoms – specifically along the right side of my body (the Masculine side in Western thought) were not unfamiliar. I had experienced something similar last year and at that time was given the information that I was processing the ‘death of the old, misused and abused Masculine Energy.’  So was this what was happening again?  Not this time. Now I was assisting in bringing in and balancing within the body the New Divine Masculine Energy – which will then integrate with or ‘marry’ with the Divine Feminine to bring our beings into Divine Oneness.

However, the ‘old’ is still being rooted out within us (look around, you will see that old dynamic of fear-based power, control kicked up loudly) and the ‘New’ (the collaborative, cooperative, communal) is still needing to be embraced and better understood to be fully integrated – thus this severe discomfort period.  And something of note: the physical will be the last aspect to make the move to the higher vibration as it holds the greatest density. The Ego is not far behind – it holds the greatest stubbornness!

This is an extremely sacred, pivotal and breathtaking time of our metamorphosis. The reverberation of which will continue to be felt for some time going forward.  We have now crossed over and up into yet another Dimensional Realm of existence holding incredible opportunity and possibility for Higher Conscious Creation. 

For those in this role of assisting, transmuting and, as I like to say, ‘filtering’ for others on the path – the journey continues and the road will still be rocky, so the process of sifting and filtering will continue. Go with gentle ease and grace – Fly!

~ Hillary Harris – Vibrational Catalyst, New Reality Architect § Ascension Guide | Guardian § Gifter of
The Dragons, Elemental Shaman, Animal Intuitive § 16 Frequency Channel




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