= Soulstice

= is the symbol for today.

Today is the ‘Soul’stice. Winter begins in the US, Summer in the Southern Hemisphere – but more importantly, today the amount of light will be equal to the amount of dark.

Today we reach the center, a point of stillness of that sense of changing time and light.

So this is a day of absolute BALANCE – total equality of the dark and light – no more or less than, no greater or worse.

Like a perfectly suspended moment in time.

But it is up to you whether you are in Harmony and equanimity with it – meaning the dark and light ‘out there’ and your own inner darkness and light.

Where do you need to align with this presence of Balance today? Where in your being are you asking to recognize Wholeness and Oneness with your dark and light aspects?

Where does your + and – integrate into = ?

Today let Mother Nature be your assistant, model and guide.

And before tomorrow, as the days begin to lengthen once again, let this completeness of Balance reflect and awaken you to your inner Truth and perfect Nature.