Special Holiday Event: The Time for Change is NOW!

How YOU Can Change the World… Without Ever Leaving Your Living Room!

As we pass through the much anticipated gateway of December 21st, 2012, a point the Mayans refer to as “The Change of Suns,” and in the wake of what appears to be increasing tragedy and darkness in what is supposed to be the greatest moment of incoming Love and Light, all the messages ‘out there’ seem to be urgently and insistently pulling us toward how we can get on board and do our part to change the world and contribute to this Great Shift of The Ages. In fact, you may have been feeling that call deep within and are now asking yourself, “What can I do?”, “What power do I have?” or “How can I actually make a difference?” You feel that tug on your spirit telling you that you are supposed to be doing something – but, given the immensity of the task at hand, when you try to tune in to just what that “something” is, you may feel awestruck, overwhelmed, powerless or simply draw a blank. And even if you did know exactly what it was, how would you even begin to muster the energy, or frankly the enthusiasm, after such an intense and all-consuming Ascension road?

Here is the thing – no matter how it appears, nothing is as it seems: There truly is more light than darkness on the planet; this calling you feel is actually not what you think it is; and causing or creating profound Change is perhaps not how you perceive it or as difficult as you may believe it to be.

Join Hillary for a Fifth Dimensional refocusing on your role in lifting us into the Energies of the Heart and bringing about our New World. Redefine how you view your personal impact on this perpetually unfolding energy that is carrying us higher into the New Vibration and further toward Unity Consciousness, peace and harmony and learn how you can be a Rainmaker on this wave of evolution – without ever having to get off the couch!

So tune in for a life-changing message that offers a change of pace and perspective!

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