Springtime in 5D with Hillary!

Unhooking from the Old (and the Old 3D World): Cleaning Your “Vibrational House”

As we continue to root our beings in the higher vibrating energies and move more firmly into our new home in this very unfamiliar, yet spectacularly pristine Fifth Dimensional space, it appears we must first dust off our boots from the rough road we have been traveling, the rocky trail we have been blazing. To gain our foothold, we must purify and cleanse ourselves of all the old, dense and negative energies, noise and distractions that have been keeping us from “seeing with the eyes of our hearts” or “hearing with new ears” the wisdom from our souls. Our focus now must rest on the absolute purity of our frequency. Yet, how can we continue to lighten in being, clarify our purpose, simplify our lives or deepen our connection to our higher selves with such intentionality when we can barely hear ourselves think over the roar of our egos, our fear … and our television sets?!

Letting go of what is familiar is never easy. It seems the closer we get to our Truth, to our deepest desires, and to solidifying our existence on higher ground, the harder we tend to hold on and the darker things seem to appear around us. However, in order to sustain our New World existence, this letting go is necessary – and not negotiable.

So, as spring has just sprung, this is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and let Hillary guide you through some serious “Vibrational House Cleaning!” Discard the old and discover the new concepts you must now embrace and put into practice that will keep your frequency fresh, your energy tuned up and your vibration clean, clear and in alignment, allowing you to access the powerfully intense Love-Light and abundance energies and a higher state of consciousness that come with dwelling in the new dimension.

So tune in for this early spring, “spring cleaning” you can’t avoid … or afford to miss!

Note: As Hillary is still on hiatus, this show was an encore presentation and (though extremely timely and the information so relevant and necessary at this critical juncture!) was not broadcast live.

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