Stop THIS World, I Want to Get Off!

Hillary Talks Turkey about Intensified Ascension Symptoms, Pressing Global and Personal Change, and an UNBelievable Emerging New Reality

We are now at the half way mark of ‘the’ most significant and pivotal year in our Ascension process – not to mention the crowing moment of the culmination of a 26,000-year cycle! So, at this juncture, how are you doing? How are We doing? More importantly, how are you FEELING and are you still able to somewhat gracefully hang on through this wild and bumpy ride OR are you, instead, now finding yourself thrown off, in the dust, madly looking for the exit – even plotting how you can maybe get a refund for your ticket? It has indeed been a tough and sometimes painful and confusing road. You may even feel that it is, at times, getting tougher. So how do you navigate this next leg of the journey… and maintain your sanity?

Join Hillary for a heart to heart about what happens when you hit the wall and what it takes now to continue on even as your body, your mind, even your spirit and your world, in fact, your very reality all seem to be falling apart to regenerate and recreate in inexplicable and indefinable ways. You won’t want to miss this show as Hillary will also announce that she will be taking a brief break from live broadcasts to take some time to rest and rejuvenate before returning to share more valuable information with all of you.

So tune in for the low down on the upside of this critical threshold of our Ascension!

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