Summer ‘Soul’stice

The Fiery Roar of The Light

(Note to reader: Darkness and Light do not refer to night and day but to the vibrational Forces within and around us.)


The Darkness encroaches – and dims, then silences The Light
Granting blindness, avoidance, apathy, denial, secrets
To those who allow it, accept it, feed it, tolerate it

The Light breaks, breaks open – and illuminates, then penetrates deep into The Darkness
Gifting Clarity, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Strength, Truth
To those who embrace it, claim it, require it, demand it

Face the Darkness, stare boldly – and do not blink
Then turn your unwavering eye brazenly into The
insistent Light and unflinchingly See what is shone

As you do, The Light is revealed and reveled
And your pure, true Sight awakens, your Knowing stoked,
your Soul sparks, your Heart Fire burns –

With the heat of a thousand Suns.

But as you do not, The Darkness is fed and fueled
And its cold, empty void is the one to burn –

With the icy chill of its indifference.




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