“A [life’s] Calling has hellos and goodbyes.” ~ Barbara Brown Taylor This means your Life’s Calling or Soul’s Purpose is multi-faceted and not just a one dimensional or unilaterally defined destination. Your ‘Calling’ or Purpose is, like all things in our Multi-verse, fluid and can and will grow and change as you and your life […]

Special Holiday Event: The Time for Change is NOW!

How YOU Can Change the World… Without Ever Leaving Your Living Room! As we pass through the much anticipated gateway of December 21st, 2012, a point the Mayans refer to as “The Change of Suns,” and in the wake of what appears to be increasing tragedy and darkness in what is supposed to be the […]

How You Can Change the World… from Your Living Room

(And Stop Needing to Fix Yourself in the Process)!   All the messages out there these days are about how we can get on board and do our part to change the world and contribute to The Shift. In fact, you may have been feeling that call deep within and are now asking yourself, “What […]