The Return of Love to Planet Earth

Hillary Welcomes Author, New World Pioneer and Ascension Master Nina Brown to Discuss Her Extraordinary Life’s Work and the Sacred Gift She Has Come to Bring to Humanity As we step further into this watershed year, those prickly questions of Who we truly are and Why we are here will become louder and more persistent. […]

Welcome to the Resplendent, Transcendent 2012!

Preparing for The Year of ‘Beyond’, the Unexpected, the New ‘New’ and the New ‘Knew’! The long awaited and infamous 2012 has finally arrived – and it came in with an intensity and a presence all its own, indeed. Can you feel it? This will certainly be a year and a period in history unlike […]

Special Holiday Encore Presentation: It’s Time to Lift the Veil

Facing and Embracing the Truth Of Who We Are, Why We Are Here and What is Unfolding in the Evolution of Our New World! Living in the Heart Wisdom Energies means living from and with Truth. Ah, but can you handle it? And the truth is Truth cannot be avoided and will find the light […]

How You Can Change the World… from Your Living Room

(And Stop Needing to Fix Yourself in the Process)!   All the messages out there these days are about how we can get on board and do our part to change the world and contribute to The Shift. In fact, you may have been feeling that call deep within and are now asking yourself, “What […]

Make a Quantum Shift In Your Vibration, Your Growth, Your Life… Effortlessly!

Hillary Welcomes Elizabeth Tobin, Pioneer in the Field of Resonance Repatterning®, for a Profound Dialogue about the Power of Group Healing by Proxy As we approach the 11:11:11 Portal to Divine Love and continue along the path into the New Vibration, many are still finding themselves feeling completely overwhelmed by even the tiniest of things […]

The End (of The Mayan Calendar) Is Here… But Are We THERE Yet?

And What Does This All Really Mean, What’s Next and Can I Bring My Teddy Bear? Well we’ve come to the end of this phase of our journey, fellow ‘Soul’Journers! We are now entering Day Seven of the Universal Underworld, the last Day and last period of the Ninth and final Wave of the Mayan […]

The State of You, The State of Our “Union”: A Vibrational Pep Talk and Candid Review of Our Personal, Global and Cosmic Ascension Progress

We are now in the midst of the last “Night period” of the Mayan Calendar before we reach the end of the Ninth Wave and the “end of time” as we have come to know it. However, this is hardly the end of anything. More accurately, this is a beginning, a commencement of the most […]

Unhooking from the Old 3D World: Cleaning Your “Vibrational House” – Encore Presentation

To move into the new vibration, we must cleanse ourselves of all the old, dense and negative energy, noise and distractions that keep us from “seeing with eyes of our hearts” or hearing the wisdom from our souls. Our focus now must rest on the purity of our frequency. Yet, how can we lighten in […]

You’ve Got the “Power” – But How the Heck Do You Use It?

Learning to Harness and Harmonize with Your Fifth Dimensional Frequency Have you noticed strange things happening to you and around you lately – electronics going haywire or suddenly breaking down in your presence, batteries going dead though they were just replaced, clients (and other people and things) disappearing or falling away, projects cancelled for no […]

Listen to Your Heart – Part 2: How to Walk the Talk

Guidelines for Heart-Centered Listening and Living We are poised right on the border of the New World Vibration and it feels as if the energies have yet again turned up the heat, stretching and challenging us to our very core. And as we are now dwelling in the space ruled by Heart Wisdom – where […]

Listen to Your Heart (‘Cuz Your Head Can’t Help You Now)!

Tuning In to Your True Compass: Learning The Language of Our New World There is a new language pervading our New Dimensional World that is critical we learn to speak – and it all hinges upon awakening to Divine Love and thus being connected to and guided by our Hearts. Yet how can we become […]

Let’s Talk TRUTH: It’s Time to Lift the Veil!

Facing and Embracing Who We Are, Why We Are Here and What is Unfolding in the Evolution of Our New World Living in the Heart Wisdom Energies means living from and with Truth. Ah, but can you handle it? And the truth is Truth cannot be avoided and will find the light no matter what. […]

Special Encore Presentation (in preparation for next week’s VERY special guest!) Unhooking from the Old 3D World – Part 2: 12 Keys to High Vibration Living and Being

Last week’s mission: Release the old vibration. Clear out all the dense and dark “stuff” that has built up, collected and stored in our beings over time. Difficult – Yes. Challenging – Sure. Daunting – No doubt. However, once the tough job of vibrational house cleaning has been done, the process of maintaining it and […]