Tax Time Special Encore: Money and The New Prosperity

To Have MORE of Anything… Stop WANTING Everything!

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It’s that time of the year again – tax time! So what better time to talk about Money, Money, MONEY! You’ve visualized to raise your vibe, done your affirmations and attitude adjustments, even purged your demons and healed your past (or so you thought) – so why, after all of that, does it feel like you are still struggling for real abundance? And why, after so many years of prosperity, has the planet fallen into such a place of chaos, fear and lack? We’ve stood at the edge with toes hanging over the Fiscal Cliff. Now we sit in Sequester. What will it take to finally come together and compromise so we can all prosper? And what if it all suddenly disappeared? What if, like in Greece, there was simply no more money!?

It is clear that the further we chase money down the Ascension path and up into the new Fifth Dimensional frequencies, the further we veer off course and the more we lose ourselves. It is time to redefine our relationship to money. It is time to really know the one true Source of our abundance!

Join Hillary for an encore presentation of one of her most popular and edge-cutting conversations as she explores why our ‘money mentality’ is not only slowing us down but holding us back from fully anchoring into and thus receiving the gifts of our New World. Hillary will also share her vision of ‘The New Prosperity,’ giving us an exciting preview of the powerful financial shift to come, if and when we are ready, willing and able to finally let go of an outdated and failing system – based on a want for and worship of money – and instead simply embrace prosperity as a Divine right and a done deal!

So tune in to amp up your attitude of gratitude and make the connection between your money matters and what really matters!

Note: As Hillary remains on hiatus, this show was an encore presentation (though she knows you will find the information to still be extremely timely and very relevant indeed!) and was not broadcast live.

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