The 2:22 Gateway Frequencies Arrive


Oh, those Aches and Pains… AGAIN!

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February, the month indicating a Leap Year and the month of Hearts, is proving to also be a pivotal month in our upshift process – we are leaping again indeed! It has packed a wallop with wave after wave of new higher Frequencies arriving that are truly challenging our physical and emotional beings.

First the Fire Monkey New Moon on February 8th with its focus on taking risks and being authentically You – and how those two are inextricably related.  Next the Full Moon in Virgo (February 22nd – 23rd) whose energy may cause a feeling of skewed reality and whose message is all about illumination of Truth, taking responsibility, taking off the ‘rose colored glasses’ and focusing on what is most important to you.

This time will be an intense mirror to peer into but a powerful opportunity to act from the Heart.

And, as things have been tending to flow in the past 6 months, this Moon piggy backs the 2:22 (February 22nd) Gateway – the next wave of energies arriving through this portal kicking our bodies, minds, spirits and very Being up yet another level in Consciousness and Awareness and stretching us ever further into our new ‘skin’ of Higher Human Divine Essence.

As the flow of Frequencies begin to arrive, usually about a week prior to the portal opening, I tend to see an uptick in both communication about symptoms and also visits here to the A30º site.  You are feeling it big time!  I too have had yet another bout with what I have come to call the ‘Ascension Flu’ this week and this influx has been a doozy for sure.  So I wanted to address this month’s incoming wave as it is particularly intense as we continue the deep evolutionary process on our journey. I hope it is helpful in giving you both context for what you are experiencing and also some comfort in knowing you are not alone.

First, here are just SOME of the common symptoms of ‘Ascension Flu’ you may be experiencing:

  • Severe body aches
  • Back pain – particularly the low back
  • Pain between the shoulder blades (back of the Heart Chakra)
  • Muscle stiffness – particularly tight in the neck
  • Ringing in one or both ears
  • Nasal congestion / sinus pressure
  • Headache / migraine
  • Pain on one side of the head or in center of forehead – Third Eye
  • Extreme fatigue and exhaustion
  • Lack of energy or ability to move
  • Need to sleep during the day
  • Stomach upset
  • Digestive distress
  • Preference to eat lightly or not at all (even while your stomach may growl)
    (NOTE: Some may feel the need to eat more or eat certain foods like protein for ‘earthing’ or grounding purposes
  • Sense of body buzzing – specifically in Root Chakra, Power and/or Crown Chakras
  • Sense of being off-balance – some vertigo and/or dizziness
  • Pain or pressure in the heart or center of the chest / Heart Chakra
  • Difficulty breathing – due to the pressure or tightness in the chest
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to bottom of feet
  • Irritability, quick to anger, grumpiness – mood swings without a certain cause – may also include depression and more severe feelings of anxiety and despair
  • Intense / unpleasant dreams / nightmares about the past
  • And a pattern of significant and even relentless loss in many areas, if not every area, of your life

But along with these symptoms, some may also have recently noticed :

  • A heightened or new sense of purpose and feeling of inner calm despite ‘outer circumstances’
  • A stronger ability to remain in the Now Moment
  • Prophetic dreams/visitations with powerful and important messages and information
  • Heightened intuition or Knowing available – able to act, do and Be in and from the Heart
  • An unfolding or inkling of a new venture presenting itself
  • A sense of the presence of magic being available or occurring for you
  • The ability to manifest easily when purely in the Now and coming from the Heart
  • No thinking or over-thinking, analyzing, strategizing, planning or over-efforting required – in fact it doesn’t work
  • Effortlessness when willing to just ‘be’ and not have to ‘make’ things happen but rather ‘allow’ them to unfold
  • The necessity to be persistent or persevere as you build, create, learn to collaborate and communicate as a way of challenging your ability to truly stick to your authentic Self and live your authentic Truth – in other words no more pleasing others to get by, get what you want, play out old patterns, contract your vibrant Essence.

(For a more comprehensive list including more on the emotional, energetic/vibrational and mental/psychological, click here.)

Now, if you have not experienced these things, do not be concerned. We are all moving along the path to Oneness, however everyone is at a different place on that path and is going at a different pace.  This is part of our Human Beingness.  And it is these differences that allow us to maintain our individual spark of uniqueness in the tapestry of our Unity.

Yes, you are feeling this. No, you are not crazy AND you are not alone. Many are sensitive to it as well, but are not sharing for fear of being thought crazy, or simply because you don’t know what is happening to you or why.  As I always advise, if you feel what you are experiencing is serious enough, always see your doctor or holistic practitioner.  However, you may find, as many of us have, that traditional medicine and even many alternative methods now have no effect and provide little or no relief.  That is because there is no ‘getting around’ this Ascension process.  We must go through it full force.  We can attempt to numb ourselves, avoid or resist it – or do the spiritual bypass which is to focus on the cliches of thinking your way beyond it (your thoughts create your reality) or “if I push through it and envision wellness, I will feel better” – but this only creates more pain – literally, emotionally, vibrationally and spiritually. The best way to ride each wave is to feel it, allow it, embrace it and experience it. Why? Because it is happening. In fact, doing so will provide two things:  1) The process will occur with more ease and acceleration, as all things are accelerated now, and 2) You will experience less friction on every level along the way – no resistance = no persistance – symptoms can glide through versus get stuck in the body or energetic system causing repetitive patterns and drain.

Like it or not, believe it or not, remember or not, this is what your Soul signed up for. Yes, it is more intense than ever and will continue to be so for a few years to come. We are still shedding much density and resistance at the lower levels of consciousness and being. We are still awakening. Many are still kicking and screaming at the idea of truly and fully letting go of all that no longer serves them, much less our New World. This is our Chrysalis Experience, and for some, just another of many you may have already had. Like the caterpillar, which must completely dissolve into unrecognizable ‘goo’ so that the new creation cells can begin their work to birth the butterfly, this is the path we have chosen to our new reality and to our evolution as Higher Human Divine Beings.

And like the butterfly, as we open and activate the Heart Chakra, we sprout our Angel or Dragon wings – hence the pain between your shoulder blades and pressure in the middle of the back (the back side of your Heart Chakra).  How can you reside in a world that operates purely from the Heart if your Heart is not purely open and ready, willing and able to FLY?

If this wasn’t enough, more is transforming within us now. Our bodies are having what is known as a Kundalini Awakening – the opening of our energetic system for Universal Life Force to freely flow through us such that our Souls can fully infuse with our physical bodies and become the primary voice of our expression. As spirit merges with matter, our DNA is changing – from carbon-based to crystalline-based (solar-light body) – and building from 2 to 12 strands… and beyond. This is a process that many may not observe in the 3D physical world for it is far too uprooting and unsettling for the Egoic and scientific mind. Our hormones are raging, our hearts are racing, the environmental altitude of Mother Earth as she exists in space is literally climbing and, thus, we must acclimate like mountaineers journeying upward and inward to the next stage of our climb.

It is said, however, that the most challenging of this long and grueling process is actually the shortest journey of all – the one within from our Heads to our Hearts. That is ultimately the core of this Ascension – moving from strategizing, rationalizing, thinking and planning from the head to the pure ability to intuitively live, act, be, do, create and Love from the Heart. This is not ‘the ways’ of the old world. It is like learning to speak a new language, ride a bike or be in intimate relationship. It takes practice and an ability to trust yourself, find your balance and surrender control. But above all – you must find the courage to open your Heart in the first place – for not only do our new eyes reside there, so does our deeper ability to truly listen and hear.

Fascinatingly, a physical shift is occurring now to support this. As our pineal and pituitary glands have been, or are being, activated, the next step is that they will be joined. And after that, so say The Dragons, will be the connection of our Third Eye (aka our Knowing space or Inner Eye) with our Hearts (our Higher Knowing which is another form of eye or ‘seeing,’ yes?). So, rather than simply moving from the head to the Heart, they are joining, the Heart is becoming joined with our seeing and Knowing to create our Higher Heart Wisdom – a coming together of heretofore thought separate body, energetic and spiritual ‘parts’ to create an unbroken whole system of seeing with and through LOVE. We are becoming a new kind of Being indeed!

Given all of these extraordinary changes and transformative processes we are undergoing – and the changes still to come in our outer world – does it not make sense that a few body aches and growing pains would simply be par for the course? Know this – the Soul always knows what it is doing. The Ego, on the other hand, is not always so thrilled or on board, particularly after years of this, yes? I get it. I understand. I hear you. I too have had my share of hair-raising experiences and unbearable symptoms to last me more than one lifetime of evolutionary expansion, thank you very much!

But I say this to you: Hang in there, my Fellow intrepid ‘Soul’Journers, as it will get better and be worth every ounce of discomfort as you find your way to the Magic and Grace that awaits. And it does await you. In the meantime, as you travel, here are some suggestions:

  • Stay in the Now Moment as best you can as much as you can – there is truly Magic awaiting you here
  • Sage yourself often – clean, clear, cleanse and purify your energy, frequency, your vibrational space, your environment often as so much is moving in, through and around us now that holds both high and low density, so it is crucial to keep yourself as clear and pristine as possible
  • Take salt baths – another form of clearing and detoxing your body and energy / auric fields
  • Take time each day to sit in stillness – not mediation – just sit and be with yourself and breathe.  Keep it simple and reconnect with your Heart and inner self – he/she needs you right now more than ever.
  • Find a source, any source of Joy. So many I work with have no idea what that is or how to touch it.  It can be your beloved pet, a hobby, some music, a picture you like to look at, a book or movie you enjoy, a flower, a smell, a color you love to wear or a favorite piece of clothing you feel good in. Start small and feed your Soul with it. For me, in some of the darkest moments, it was a snuggle with my dog or simply watching a movie. This until I could find a wider moment of joy, and then another. Do not force this or fabricate it. Do not ‘fake it ’till you make it’ as that feeds inauthenticity.
  • Most importantly, just be you, as you are, with understanding and acceptance – toward yourself each step of the way, with each feeling or symptom you experience. Unconditional Self Love, truly unconditionally given, is the greatest gift and grandest blessing you can both give and receive.

Be well. And remember, this wave shall pass – but as it does it is bringing in the most glorious of Frequencies tuning UP your vibration to ever higher Consciousness and ever grander Beingness. Each ache and pain is a signal of your Divine upshift and a symbol of your re-membering the brilliant Master Creator and extraordinary God-Fire Essence that You Are!