The Art of Sacred Living:

Stepping Into and Sustaining the Light, Energy and Magic of Our New World

The World is truly of our own making – now more than ever before. As we are urged to step firmly into our roles as Master Creators, things “out there” may still appear to be tumultuous, chaotic and far from anything we would ever dream into being or put there on purpose. Or would we? Are we Master Creators or Master Mis-Creators? Look around at your life. Have you been creating in Fear or from Faith? Have you been living in Doubt or from your Knowing? And how might your life be different if you were to choose a new approach, one that raises your game, your energy and your world to a higher level?

Join Hillary for an artful look at what it means to live from a heightened place of commitment and intention. She will explore how we define and relate to what is “sacred” and how choosing a new definition and way of being has the power to not only change your world, but create and sustain our New one.

So tune in for a game-changing, vibration raising topic!

One thought on “The Art of Sacred Living:

  1. Good morning Hillary,

    Had to check in again after a fantastic walk this morning with my little Bostie buddy Dozer. We had a crisp 20 degrees this morning and it was refreshing, as are your podcasts. As I’ve already told you, your podcasts are packed with powerful insight and awareness I truly enjoy, and I highly recommend them to everyone who is on the spiritual path. See you in the 5th Dimension! Peggy

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