The Breakdown of Belief: The End of What We THINK We ‘Know’ is the Gateway to Life… 2.0!

The End of What We THINK We ‘Know’ is the Gateway to Life… 2.0!

We have come to the end of all we thought we knew. Like the outdated world systems that are no longer working, we are now experiencing a particularly poignant and challenging breaking down of another more personal kind – the breakdown of our long-held beliefs – about who we are, about how things work, about what is, about life itself. Though our egos may fret and fuss, and the confused and misused masculine energies are indeed fighting this, we must let go of these misperceptions and miscreations to grow into what our deeper and higher selves already understand and truly ‘Know’ – that we have been living in limited and limiting illusion and it is time to wake up to, embrace and learn how to use the magnificent gifts, oh, so powerful frequencies and incredible wisdom that come with the expanded, illuminated version of life – Life 2.0! So will this upgrade be plagued with errors and bugs as you continue to struggle and strain against it, never quite reaching your dreams, satisfying your desires or fulfilling your purpose? Or will you surrender to our new operating system – allowing yourself to make the transition with grace and ease, enjoying the all-new features and ‘unbelievable’ added benefits of Fifth Dimensional Being?

Hillary invites you to leave your old beliefs at the door and join her for a reality bending conversation about this next phase of our transition. She will discuss how our process of Ascension now greatly depends upon not only our letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that confine and bind us to the limitations of the mind, but also our ability to master and transcend that mental space so that we can then move into the realm of the Heart, giving us access to living from pure possibility and attaining the freedom, creativity, magic and prosperity that the New Vibration offers.

So tune in for a New Reality check beyond belief!

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