The Breakdown of Belief: The End of What We THINK We ‘Know’ is the Gateway to Life… 2.0!

The End of What We THINK We ‘Know’ is the Gateway to Life… 2.0!

We have come to the end of all we thought we knew. Like the outdated world systems that are no longer working, we are now experiencing a particularly poignant and challenging breaking down of another more personal kind – the breakdown of our long-held beliefs – about who we are, about how things work, about what is, about life itself. Though our egos may fret and fuss, and the confused and misused masculine energies are indeed fighting this, we must let go of these misperceptions and miscreations to grow into what our deeper and higher selves already understand and truly ‘Know’ – that we have been living in limited and limiting illusion and it is time to wake up to, embrace and learn how to use the magnificent gifts, oh, so powerful frequencies and incredible wisdom that come with the expanded, illuminated version of life – Life 2.0! So will this upgrade be plagued with errors and bugs as you continue to struggle and strain against it, never quite reaching your dreams, satisfying your desires or fulfilling your purpose? Or will you surrender to our new operating system – allowing yourself to make the transition with grace and ease, enjoying the all-new features and ‘unbelievable’ added benefits of Fifth Dimensional Being?

Hillary invites you to leave your old beliefs at the door and join her for a reality bending conversation about this next phase of our transition. She will discuss how our process of Ascension now greatly depends upon not only our letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that confine and bind us to the limitations of the mind, but also our ability to master and transcend that mental space so that we can then move into the realm of the Heart, giving us access to living from pure possibility and attaining the freedom, creativity, magic and prosperity that the New Vibration offers.

So tune in for a New Reality check beyond belief!

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6 thoughts on “The Breakdown of Belief: The End of What We THINK We ‘Know’ is the Gateway to Life… 2.0!

  1. Dolores Arnold

    Thanks Hillary for sticking with and guiding
    us through this time of extreme anxiety!
    I must admit that when I first started listening
    to you, I felt that you were talking
    figuratively. Now I know that you are as
    literal as one can get! I am ‘seeing, hearing,
    feeling, knowing…the whole gammit’.
    Thanks so much for caring enough to
    keep us appraised of whats in store for
    us as we journey onward!

    • Hillary Harris

      Everyone is awakening at their own pace and thus my information will resonate based on where you
      are on your path. The wave has a much broader reach now and, as such, more and more are feeling it
      and experiencing what only a few were experiencing years ago. And there is more excitement, wonder
      and awe to come so stay tuned! As I am able, I will continue to report on what I am learning. 🙂

  2. Ali altimimi

    This has been very helpful, thank you I appreciate it. Love and peace!

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Ali!

      Thank you for your comment and I am thrilled to know that the material has been beneficial. Keep tuning in
      to tune UP your vibration!

      Prosperous Blessings,


  3. Wanda Clark

    Hi, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your programs. Is there a way that I can e-mail this to a few dear friends and family members? If so how do I go about it. I know many who would benifit from this program. Thank You!
    Brightest Blessings

    • Hillary Harris

      Hello Wanda!

      I am so delighted to hear from you and that you are gaining value from the program. I can suggest several options regarding access to the show for your family and friends. You can e-mail them the link to the podcast page – either the general one: or the one for this specific show topic:
      Just copy and paste the link/s into your e-mail and once they click on it, it will bring them to the page with the podcast.

      OR they can go to iTunes so they can listen on their computer or download the show to a listening device – mp3 player or phone – for free. Here is that link:

      Or they can go the to the Contact Talk radio show site and get the show from the feedburner link: – and there is a place on that page to even subscribe and have future shows delivered by e-mail directly to their inbox

      If you have any questions – please feel free to let me know or if there are any other suggestions I can make to help provide access to the show.

      And do keep tuning in to tune UP your vibration!

      Prosperous Blessings,


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