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Want to meet and connect with YOUR Dragon?

Hillary has been hard at play creating a very exciting webspace to share the new information, sacred Heart Wisdom and Light Frequencies she has been asked to bring in by The Dragons. In the meantime, she has already begun the absolutely joyous process of connecting people with their own Dragon – a rather unanticipated yet deeply profound experience. She would like to offer this opportunity to you now.

When Hillary first connected with and began working with her Dragon, she seemed to know the names of other people’s Dragons as well. Sometimes a Dragon might even come to her and request, even insist, that she introduce them to their person out of some vital necessity. She is known to the Dragons as Guardian and Gifter and has since come to understand this as due to her ancient role with them, assisting in their hatching and raising and then connection with their human (or other being) that would then become their Noble Partner and Sacred Companion for that lifetime.

As Hillary learned more about The Dragons, their portal and realm and why they are here now, she was then asked to commune and partner with the OverLighting of Dragons – the God Essence of Dragon Fire and Nature itself – requiring her to expand in inner being and deepen in her expression to come to fully know, embody and then live and breath the pure Dragon “Heart Fire.” Her purpose is to be a clarion voice for The Dragons in bringing newly to the planet their Truth and their Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom, Magic and pristine Fire Light Frequencies to assist in our ultimate metamorphosis into Divine Human and Unity Consciousness.

Thus The Dragons are here now to be joined and connected, or re-connected as the case may be, with their person as Noble Partner and Sacred Companion, Guardian, Wise Teacher and Guide in order to assist us on our Ascension journeys and help us evolve, expand and better understand ourselves and our Divinity, as well as learn how to receive and then create, live and fully love from our “Heart Fire.”

These are not the Dragons of the old world and dimension. These Dragons are of the highest dimensional realms and come purely of the Light. They are playfulness, clarity, elegance and joy. They are strength and grace. And they are our Hearts. They are all Heart and thus mirror the new Multi-Dimensional Innocence, Purity and Love Frequencies to us. They are here to teach us how to come from and live within the Heart Wisdom Energies. They are here to help us learn to embody what Hillary calls our ‘Fire and N’Ice’ and our Fire and Flow – embracing ALL of Who we are, unleashing our authentic selves and expressing the perfect balance and harmonization of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. This balance is a Dragon’s natural state and, as such, they have much to share with us as ones who have mastered living in Heart Wisdom with Magic, Joy, Pleasure and Play as their foundational beingness as we ourselves begin life in these higher frequencies as Divine Creators of a New Reality.

Hillary and The Dragons would be so honored to make this special connection if you feel called in your Heart to receive the gift of your Dragon.

I am ready to FLY!dragonrider

A Dragon Connection Experience includes:

  • Pre-Connection preparation – done by Hillary to presence your Dragon and gather information
  • 75-minute Dragon Connection Experience – background/history, guided visualization and communication, New Light Frequencies, a special Breathing technique – and more!
  • An MP3 recording of your experience
  • Post experience brief follow-up time available for questions
  • Additional Goodies!

Connecting and Communing with your Dragon is a unique opportunity and powerfully sacred experience. If this is something that speaks to your Soul, calls to your Heart and you feel truly ready to receive, contact Hillary and request more information. She will then send you the detailed description of what your Dragon Connection Experience entails, as well as how to go about setting up your meeting.


Hillary’s Invitadragonkissbreathoffirelight-150x150tion to You:   

The Dragons and I are delighted and deeply honored that your Heart is calling you to join and commune with your Noble Partner and Sacred Companion at this unprecedented time in our evolutionary history and at this extraordinary stage of your journey.

Your Dragon joyously awaits you – it’s time to make the Connection!



In Heart Fire and Flow,

~ Hillary § Dragons    








Blue Dragon image lovingly shared by artist Tracy Trowbridge
Copyright © 2005 ~
Please note you may not copy, alter, redistribute, etc., this art/design



Hillary’s spectacular sunset view over
the ocean from her former coastal home –
Dragon cloud!
 A Nebula in space – Dragon cloud of an ‘out of
this world’ sort! (photo of Witch Head Nebula – NASA 10/08)


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7 thoughts on “THE DRAGONS …

  1. Dear Hilary

    I have been connected with dragons in many life times and a recent soul reading and healing revealed to me what that connection was. However the lady that did this was slightly out of her depth and I think could only take me so far. I am still blocked the abundance and light clearing that was supposed to happen is still awaiting. I have been severely ILL after both sessions the first one with sinus issues for over 4weeks the second session resulted in over 4 weeks with diverticulitis. I have tried to manifest and connect back with my specific dragon and find my travel partner through the ages I have lived to no avail.

    Wondering if this is something you can help me with please.

    Bright Blessings

  2. Raine

    Hi Hillary,
    Could you clear something up for me? I just came upon Ascension last winter and it deeply resonated with me. But everything I have listened to say that the Ascension started in 2012. Is this really true. All the years before 2012 no one was going through any Ascension until 2012? I am confused. Why 2012 as the start?

    Thank you, Hillary

    • Hillary Harris

      Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journer, Raine ~

      In all of my readings, research or my personal experience, it is not the case that the process known as Ascension or the Upshift ‘begin’ in 2012. This is a process that has been going on for some time. There are many of us who have been experiencing the process for many years – over 20 even. There are many who knew that this was coming well before it was ever being written or spoken about. Everyone is on a different path and so have a different pace to how and when they awaken and experience the ‘symptoms’ of the transformation we are undergoing. Our Souls of course knew what we were coming here to be apart of and assist with but our human part has been challenged indeed.

      Perhaps what you have been reading about was what many believed to be the end of the old world and the supposed beginning of the New Era, the end of The Mayan Calendar – which it was, and the end of ‘time’ or counting and measuring time as we knew it – and that is indeed accurate. There is a lot of information in the planetary area about 2012 as ‘the end’ of one cycle and the beginning of another. But that was not the commencement of The Ascension in any formal manner. It was what we call the beginning of the Age of Aquarius – but the energetic shifts, symptoms, odd experiences and feelings, altering of our perspective, changes inside and out down to the DNA level, that has been happening well before 2012. If you listen to my show or read the comments, you will see a lot of evidence of that just on this site.

      This year, 2016, is a completion year in and of itself and we are completing on yet another level. So much in the planetary realm, but also in our spiritual and physical realms, is all being integrated and being deeply felt and experienced by us at this moment.

      Now, this process has not unfolded as many expected or hoped it would. It has been intense and taken longer due to the complexities of being human and the layers of things we have been needing to wade through and integrate to truly awaken and make the trip on all levels – spiritually, vibrationally, emotionally, psychologically and physically – to Higher Human Divine Essence. However, if we trust that all is Divine Perfection, then that is how it is unfolding – whether our human aspects agrees or not. 🙂

      In any case, time is not really important anymore – or how long. Just be present and know that now that you are aware and awakening, you are not alone – and enjoy the ride! It is really quite something!

      Blessings to you!

  3. Dora Lee

    Hi Hillary ,, 10 years ago I received spontaneous detoxification with extreme Ascension symptoms. I don’t even have to eat food, or even drink much water anymore. My symptoms are very intense. I would like to have a session with you, as I have been going thru this , the emotions, the clearing, the detox the isolation, every symptom and more. I finally found you!.. Thank you !,,
    I thought I was the only one, and cannot tell anyone else so thus feel like an outsider.

    I would love to speak with you about the dragons , and more, and just finished listening to you on the Bob Charles show.
    pls call me.

    Again, my symptoms are very extreme,…. and trying to move ahead, but as I mentioned , I feel connected finally to someone that gets this.!
    Pls call!



  4. Karen

    Hi Hillary
    I had a dream that a Blue Dragon was placed into my heart. I thought it was just a dream until I read this today. I would love to connect with it speak to it, but not sure how to go about it. It was quite some time ago I had this dream, can you help please.

  5. Lisa

    Hi Hillary.
    I have seen a red little dragon protecting me, laying beside my bed. It was wonderful to se her. I feelt so safe. I want to know more about my dragon, and what she has to teach me. I have begun to read about ascension for the last 6 months. I try to get all in, but I don´t understand all. I wonder how mutch a conecting with your dragon session costs and how it works, i live in sweden. And I don´t have a lot of money know, maybee I have to wait to I can afford.
    Thanks in forhand.
    /Lisa 🙂

  6. Lorena Canedo

    Hi Hillary. My name is Lorena and I am deeply curious and intrigued about
    the dragons. Can you please give more information about them?
    Thank you very much. Love, Lorena.

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