The End (of The Mayan Calendar) Is Here… But Are We THERE Yet?

And What Does This All Really Mean, What’s Next and Can I Bring My Teddy Bear?

Well we’ve come to the end of this phase of our journey, fellow ‘Soul’Journers! We are now entering Day Seven of the Universal Underworld, the last Day and last period of the Ninth and final Wave of the Mayan Calendar. What does this Day hold for us and what does it all mean? Are we truly achieving a new way of operating and reaching a new state of awareness and higher level of consciousness? And if this is not the end but only the beginning, what’s next as we ascend into the Fifth Dimension?

As the heat turns up on our journey and the Love Light Energy only intensifies, join Hillary for a fascinating look at what this culminating 18 days may have in store for us. She will also explore the great December 21, 2012 controversy, whether we are packing it up or purging it all as we prepare to go, how you can remain calm, connected and present in these, oh, so strange times and what there is to look forward to as we, and some might argue IF we, awaken to Unity Consciousness and move onward and upward into our new world and new way of being.

So tune in for a wind down of the 9th Wave and a gear up of the 5th Dimension!

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