The Equinox

The time of dark vs. The Light is done

All that was is no longer. We are now in a NEW dimensional space – which means we must let go of all we thought we knew and all that was – even if it defined us at a core level. It does not define us any longer and only serves to contain us and confine us to the old.

In embracing all that is new, recognize that the battle of ‘dark vs. the Light out there’ is no more. You can continue to engage in that concept or even fight the fight if you choose. However recognize that this perpetuates the old way and the duality.

We are all engaging in the UpShift or Ascension. The Light is here and no matter how much ‘dark dust’ has been kicked up and may cloud our view – sometimes more than others – the Light is stronger than ever before in our evolutionary process. Know this. Embrace this. Trust this.

The only struggle between the dark and Light now is occurring within. As we expand and awaken we are facing the wounds, the legacy and ancestral lineage of limitation, the karmic patterns and we are bringing them to Wholeness.

Not as a way of overcoming the dark – dark over the Light. Not as a way of releasing or squelching it or disavowing it. We are embracing and integrating it so that it becomes the strength AND the vulnerability of Who we are as Higher Human AND Divine Essence.

Remember, we cannot engage our Divinity unless we FULLY experience and embrace our Humanity.

~ Hillary Harris on the eve of The Equinox

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