The New and Fifth Dimensional YOU – Your “Soul-quake” and Body Remake!

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Been experiencing an onset – or renewed onset – of strange, uncomfortable and often unexplainable body sensations, intense pain and stiffness or other mysterious physical symptoms? Been noticing an overwhelming (and perhaps now all too familiar) sense of loss – loss of purpose, place, identity, time, passion or overall ‘mojo’ for what you used to find important in your life? Been feeling just kind of odd, ungrounded, unusually exhausted, brain-fuzzy, anxious or even depressed? Bottom line: has the shift into the New World Energies and onto unprecedented ground made your chi look like Swiss chi? No surprise.

As we have now crossed over the dimensional border and ascended into these higher vibrating frequencies, you are acclimating and attuning, your body must adjust. You are indeed experiencing a “Soul-quake” at an unprecedented magnitude!

What to do? Call two friends and join Hillary for a 911 discussion of what the heck is happening to you and your body! Hillary will provide insight into and a context for all the aches, pains and energy drains your doctor can’t explain – the symptoms, emotional highs and lows, physical, mental, spiritual, vibrational and cellular shifts of the Ascension and why you are undergoing them. Hillary also shares the positive changes – oh, yes, there are, indeed, positive ones!

So tune in for the latest on our extraordinary Evolutionary Makeover!

For an updated list of the most current symptoms of our Ascension process, visit

Note: As Hillary is still bringing in the very new energies into her own space and being, this show was an encore presentation (though the information is still quite timely and very relevant, indeed!) and was not broadcast live.

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