The New Energy Rushes In

Are You Holding On For Dear Life or Holding Life Dear?


2011 has brought so many surprising and important changes to our world – and with such speed that you may feel at times it is difficult to catch your breath! So what exactly is going on on planet earth, where are we all headed and how do we get there – with grace, ease and our sanity intact?!

Join Hillary as she returns from hiatus, bringing her show for the first time to the Contact Talk Radio airwaves, to answer these questions and more. She will catch you up on the shifting energies, current events and happenings and how this may be impacting you. Hillary will also provide an overview of the sudden and significant endings and beginnings we have been experiencing – and will continue to experience – and the more subtle way of living and being we must now embrace – dictated by the Divine Feminine – to remain grounded in ourselves and rooted in our hearts.

So tune in and learn to take on our new world!

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