The New Laws of Manifesting: Why “The Secret” Should Have Stayed One!

Have you become disillusioned by the notion that if you simply think of something you want and put focus on it, it will come to you? Has this method and all the other manifesting techniques of visioning, affirming, positive believing, dream boards and destiny maps suddenly run out of gas, in fact stopped working? And has all the hype finally just worn a hole through what was Holy? Well… that’s because anything “New Age” is now OLD hat – and so last decade!

It’s time to challenge and transcend traditional ways. If you truly want to learn and understand the New – and, oh, so different – Laws of Manifesting and how to powerfully apply them in the very subtle and magical creation energies of the New World, join Hillary for this mind-shifting show! Attract all that vibrationally aligns with your highest and best good, bring forth your dreams and desires, step into your Soul Purpose, receive what is meant to be yours.

Tune in and discover the REAL Secret to it all!


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