The New YOUnity Consciousness

Understanding Our Emerging Reality, Our Intense Emotions and the Critical Link to ‘Divine’ SELF Love

The time is here for us to pull together as One, in peace and in service of our highest purpose to birth a new humanity. However, we face a fundamental challenge – as individual beings we are not yet prepared. There is something that needs our attention. As the energies continue to quicken and our hearts need be ever more open and available, our emotions seem to be on overdrive, leaving so many feeling drained and stretched beyond the breaking point, ready to throw in the towel. Yet, the New YOUnity Consciousness begins with and depends on YOU!

Join Hillary for a tough-love conversation about the vital need, now more than ever, to love and nurture yourself FIRST. For how can you serve the whole if you are not whole? How can you give what you do not have? How can you amplify or expand what is lacking – without instead amplifying lack?!

Hillary will provide a powerful opportunity for you to learn how to fill your emotional, energetic and spiritual tanks, as well as come to understand the true meaning and importance of ‘Divine’ Self Love as the gateway to attaining Unity Consciousness and the foundational key to our Ascension process.

So if you are feeling worn down and tired-out, you will want to tune in for a tune-up of heart, mind, body and soul!