The Only Way In is WithIN: A ‘Soul’Journer’s Guide to the Fifth Dimension

A Preliminary New Road (and Treasure) Map – Part 1

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Does Life in general seem indescribably… well, different of late? Are you experiencing an intensity, a sense of unfamiliarity and unpredictability like never before? And as you go through your day, does it just feel like you are trying to operate your new iPhone using a 1980’s VCR instruction booklet as your guide – the part written in Swahili?!

With the Equinox of September, we moved through a doorway that – once the threshold was crossed – was at last closed behind us with no more option or opportunity for turning back. We have finally fully moved in to the Fifth Dimensional space. Whew! But what does this mean and what has been occurring since? And what do we do now that nothing from the old works or seems to apply anymore in this new realm, not to mention there was no ‘New World Ascension Manual’ waiting for us when we arrived?

Join Hillary LIVE for a heart- and third eye-opening update on where we are so far on our evolutionary journey and on navigating life – inside and out – in the Heart Wisdom Energies.

So tune in for some ‘outta sight’ new INsight!

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