The Themes and New Dream of 2014

Hillary Welcomes Our Second Year of this New Era and Golden Age of Light!

January is always an opportunity for new beginnings. And as we rang in 2014, we not only began a new and magical year, we were also embraced by the most amazing Fifth Dimensional LOVE and Creation energies. Did you feel them? A New Moon greeted us to boot, offering additional firepower for designing passionate and intentional visions for this New Year, the second of our New World. 2014 promises to be the most transformational and transcendent yet in our Ascension process – and how you experience it and your ability to flow through it will depend greatly on your inner state and ever-important perspective.

Join Hillary for an ease and grace-providing look at our new beginnings, deeper connection and LOVE. She will discuss some of the themes and ways of being that are and will be unfolding for you personally and in the Collective in the coming year, as well as introduce new concepts and ways of operating we must adopt and adapt to if we desire to master our creative power and bring a world of peace, prosperity and unity into being. Hillary will also share the exciting changes happening with ASCENSION 360o as she moves solely – and soul’ly – to broadcasting and podcasting the show from her website and more about her new work with the Dragons!

So tune in for a first take on our New Year, new reality and new adventures that lie ahead!

Important Note: Hillary would like to remind all of you, her fellow ‘Soul’Journers and dedicated listeners, that beginning in February 2014, the show will be broadcasting and podcasting solely – and ‘soul’ly – right here on So be sure to go to the box in the upper left corner of the site and subscribe to receive all the exciting updates and happenings and to stay tuned in to keep your vibration tuned UP! Your Feedburner and iTunes subscriptions should remain uninterrupted. If you have any difficulty with an iTunes podcast, simply go to iTunes and resubscribe.