The Time of ‘Light’

For all those who will be celebrating tonight and for the next 7 nights after that – a Happy and Blessed Hanukkah to you!

This is the first night of the Festival of Light – centered around a story about a miracle that occurred after the destruction of a Holy Temple. The miracle involved the Light – how a tiny bit of oil that wasn’t supposed to be enough to provide the source even one night of light burned brightly for eight days and eight nights. This is a story of Common-Unity, Strength, Courage and Faith in the miraculous – a Knowing that what is needed will be provided even when it appears that everything is bleak, dark and lost. That is the true essence of being in and of ‘The Light’ is it not? It is the Source of All things. It is One with Love.

So, in light of recent events, and in the Light of this particular holi-day, let us shine our own light into the world and expose the shadows. Let us face them boldly, show our Strength, expand into our higher Humanity and come together in Unity and a fierce commitment to Greater Good. And let us reveal our Divinity by being that Light in the tumult, even if just a glimmer, to spark the fires in Hearts of a world very much in need of miracles, kindness and some simple, but honest and true expressions of Love.

May your own Light shine brightly during this time – and expand well beyond!

Prosperous Blessings in Heart Fire § Flow,

~ Hillary


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