Barbara Marx Hubbard joins Hillary for: The New HUMANity

Entering “The Chrysalis” to Recreate and Rebirth Our Beings, Our Reality, Our Future
As our planet undergoes major transformation, our social, political, economic and religious structures are falling away. As we too evolve, our internal structures, belief systems, the very nature or essence of our humanness, right down to our DNA, must also fall away. This requires a quantum shift on all levels. Like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly – it enters the chrysalis, fills itself up with what was, then completely dissolves to become something new and unrecognizable.

How do we consciously, gracefully move through such an extreme leap in being? What lies on the other side? Join Hillary and Barbara Marx Hubbard as they explore these questions and “The Chrysalis” and quantum shift inside, how it relates to our place on the Ascension path, the necessity for heart-aligned community to successfully evolve, and the global implications as we strive to birth a new reality, a new HUMANity, a new future.

Tune in for a mega-metamorphosis of mind!

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