This is not a Test …

It’s Awakening and Alignment!

Fellow ‘Soul’Journers and New World Creators – so many are challenged by the very in-tense vibrational experiences we are having and feeling at this time.

No matter how difficult, challenging, frustrating and tiring it becomes – and it DOES become so – if we can respond with Love and Grace, things will go much more smoothly and with ease.

Remember, it is always both/and – so whatever you are or may be experiencing and feeling is both about you AND about the Collective. So you may be bumping up against a collective that does not align with where you are. Or you may be needing to readjust your own being to bring it into alignment with the new space you are inhabiting.

Many call this a test. It may not be helpful or feel beneficial or inspiriting to experience this as a ‘test’- particularly if you are very tired – as there is nothing about our sacred journey of Upshift that is about having us prove anything – we chose to be here and our presence alone is enough evidence that we have what it takes to endure if we choose to do so.

So simply continue to re-member who You are, be present and bring Love and Grace to your experience – every experience – even the icky and unpleasant ones – as there will be those icky and unpleasant ones, that is life and experiencing all of it is part of being in Wholeness – in and on the Whole of the spectrum of ALL that is here for us now. And this is what it looks and feels like to Awaken and Align!

Be well – in Heart Fire and Flow ~

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