Ultimate, Unshakable Gratitude: Thanks-Giving 5D Style!

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Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday for celebrating the real abundance in our lives. This is not a day about giving gifts, but giving thanks. It is not a holiday for spending on things, but for spending time – time with the ones we love. Yet, as you look inward and see how so much has been removed, released, relinquished from your life and your very being so that you may evolve, and as you look outward and see the apparent darkness, chaos, strife and division as the old world structures breakdown and give way to the new, it may sometimes be quite challenging to feel like celebrating anything, much less giving thanks. However, this is the perfect time. This is THE time. It is the time and the season to take stock of what is truly important – and be grateful – for ALL of it.

So put another log on the fire, grab a second slice of pie and join Hillary for a little after-Turkey turkey talk! She will discuss the absolute necessity of practicing undaunted Gratitude, finding and holding a new and higher perspective and the power to recognize all the wonderful, deeply transformative and truly sacred gifts you have received along your path – not only as a means to lifting your spirit for the enjoyment of this season, but as a critical method of expanding your consciousness and increasing your frequency – and thus your connection to the ever abundant Flow – as you inhabit, embrace and more fully embody the New Vibration!

So tune in to kick off this holiday season with a new attitude to perceive and receive!

Note: This show was a special holiday encore presentation (though still quite timely and deliciously relevant!) and was not broadcast live.

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