Unhooking from the Old 3D World: Cleaning Your “Vibrational House”

To move into the new vibration, we must first cleanse ourselves of all the old, dense and negative energy, noise and distractions that keep us from “seeing with eyes of our hearts” or hearing the wisdom from our souls. How can we lighten in being, simplify our lives or even begin to connect to our higher selves when we can’t even hear ourselves think over the roar of our egos – or our television sets?

Letting go of what is familiar is not always easy. However to ascend, it is necessary – and not negotiable. So roll up your sleeves and let Hillary guide you through some serious Vibrational House Cleaning! Discard the old and discover the new concepts you must now embrace and put into practice that will keep your vibration clear and in alignment, allowing you access to the higher dimension.

Tune in for the energetic “spring cleaning” you can’t avoid … or afford to miss!

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