Unprecedented Grand 26,000 year Galactic Alignment!

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers, Divine Beings and Guardians of The NEW Sun!

At exactly 3:11pm PT/6:11pm ET today – Earth, Our Sun, the Center of our Galaxy (the Central Sun) & the Center of the Universe (The Great Central S


un) all came into precise alignment. These are very exciting and historic times indeed as this occurrence only comes around roughly ONCE every 26,000 years! We also entered a photon band of light that will infinitely increase the frequency of energy on our planet for the next 2000 years.

As we experienced this incredible cosmic, inter- and intra-galactic alignment, we, at last, together, as One crossed the Dimensional Border into the Fifth Dimension and entered The Golden Age of Light or The Age of Aquarius! We have just ushered in a time of powerful Love and Light that will now take its place firmly on our planet.

Did you feel it?

It is now up to us to ground this new energy with our hearts, thoughts, being and feelings, allowing nothing to knock us out of this new higher space of vibrating energy and consciousness. Each one of us has the power to create and manifest – dream into being, if you will – the new world we will live in within the context of this beautiful and extraordinary gift of new, pristine and pure energies. Welcome to the New Vibration. Welcome to Unity Consciousness!

I look forward to the journey ahead with you all! Happy New yEARTH!

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