Welcome to the Resplendent, Transcendent 2012!

Preparing for The Year of ‘Beyond’, the Unexpected, the New ‘New’ and the New ‘Knew’!

The long awaited and infamous 2012 has finally arrived – and it came in with an intensity and a presence all its own, indeed. Can you feel it? This will certainly be a year and a period in history unlike any other – but what does this mean and are you ready for it? Will this be a time of terrible tumult or terrific transformation? Will this be a time of dramatic destruction and endings or spectacular and unimagined beginnings? And will you live from and in fear of what is to come and to be or will you own your Master Creator status and design and divine a year and a life going forward that is Fifth-Dimensional Fantastic?!

Fasten your seat belt and jump on board with Hillary for a frequency shifting conversation about things to come and all things very different in this watershed year. Hillary will share her insights on: what the higher energies are bringing in, the power and purpose of creating a theme and intention for the year to sustain the new frequency and how to easily access your heart space to remain grounded and peaceful within when external chaos ensues.

So tune in for a power-packed peek at a pinnacle year!

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