You DO have the Power…

You do, your really do… in YOU!


As we all work feverishly to navigate EXTREMELY challenging new territory – an unfamiliar and chaotic landscape that looks and feels anything like Home (and no yellow brick road in sight), we must have Courage. For these are indeed the trials and tribulations on the path to becoming Higher Human Divine Essence.

We must look with two sets of eyes through one Heart. And we must recognize and embrace that the past can repeat – yet not act on or from the fear of that repetition – but rather from a new and progressive place, from a Higher Consciousness.

Coming from Love and Peace doesn’t mean taking no action. It means action without violent, ill or low vibrating intent. So what does this look like for you? 
Prayer? Speaking out in meaningful, peaceful protest? Being kind? Holding an embodiment of resolution? Calling out what is false and shedding light on Truth? Standing up to bullies or standing for what you believe in? Voting your conscience to make sure your voice is heard and your opinion counts?

Whatever it means or however you demonstrate it, each one of us has to find our way and our path and then listen to that ‘still small voice within’ that Knows the Light is breaking through and that it is this tremendous Light Force that is propelling the darkness up and out right now in massive waves.

The dark has been exposed and it is lashing out to try to maintain its hold. However, we must never – not even when we feel afraid (which is okay to feel) allow it to overcome us. Yes, we may often get overwhelmed. The energy is intense. That is the time to rest, retreat, regroup and then find your footing and trust that you are a Light Warrior whose very willingness to consider and engage in this conversation is making a dent and a difference – because you truly are!

Thank you for this! ? For whenever we welcome open discourse from a place of honor and mutual respect, all forms of, darkness, wickedness and fear are simply melted away! ?


~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide, New Vibrational Catalyst, Truth § Clarity Conduit


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