You’ve Got the “Power” – But How the Heck Do You Use It?

Learning to Harness and Harmonize with Your Fifth Dimensional Frequency

Have you noticed strange things happening to you and around you lately – electronics going haywire or suddenly breaking down in your presence, batteries going dead though they were just replaced, clients (and other people and things) disappearing or falling away, projects cancelled for no apparent reason? As your sense of time and space becomes more and more distorted, do you find yourself feeling invisible as phone calls and messages go unreturned or appointments are missed? These may appear to be bad signs. Ah, but they are just the opposite. Welcome to the Fifth Dimension!

Join Hillary for a fascinating look at the changes that are happening to us, the new energies we are receiving, and the internal “power” we are developing as we enter Fifth Dimensional space. Hillary will share some of her own crazy experiences and what she is learning about the vital connection between our current intense emotions – specifically anger and frustration – and channeling this new energy in productive versus destructive ways. She will also discuss how these particular emotions, though considered negative, are actually assisting us in transitioning to the New World and into Heart Wisdom as we learn to choose to use our new “power” for good rather than evil.

So tune in to focus the “Force” within you!


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